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A conveyor system that grows with you

Flat-Right Angle Transfer
for fragile goods

24 V DC

Flexible, compact and modular

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Powered by Itoh Denki’s POWER MOLLER
24Vdc Motor Driven Rollers


M. MATSUI, Shingakusha Co.

“Itoh Denki engineers took measures beyond our expectations. [..] They finished the installation and commissioning in 3 days as promised so it didn't affect our business on weekdays" 

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One Master Cell of all material handling

Excellent speed to torque ratio for high throughput on your conveyor lines.

All metal quality built for long life cycle and limited maintenance. 

Low energy consumption.
Safety focused design using 24VDC power and a limited conveyor zone torque, removing many of the risks of injury.

Run-on-demand and quality construction ensures a very low noise level for a better work environment.

Safe and
worker friendly
Extended control options to create advanced automated IoT solutions and easily manage your system.
Compact and cost-effective

“Most companies know how to build ”heavy, bulky, long and big" Itoh Denki's compactness caught my eye."  Light, thin, short and small. 

"A highly automated operation handling up to 10 millions mail items per day, with 12 kilometres of conveyors using Itoh Denki energy efficient Power Moller® motorised drive rollers"

M. YAMAMOTO, Shingakusha Co.

ROYAL MAIL, Heathrow Distribution Centre

“Mistakes have been eliminated by 100%”. 

“50% increase in throughput. The system is handling high value goods and the loads are quite fragile, so the combination of self-managed conveyors with Zero Pressure accumulation provides very effective protection for the very valuable throughput”.

STEPHEN TRAINOR, Chivas Brothers


id-PAC is our flexible turnkey conveyor solution. 
No long hours spent on engineering and commissioning: you can design your own system using our point and click software.

Our flat-right angle transfer module uses a mechanism designed without pop-up movement, to eliminate shocks while transferring at a high throughput.

Our Motor Driven Rollers (MDR) set the standard for energy saving, high-torque, high speed transfers; giving superior control and reducing engineering requirements.

Our 24V DC systems are safer, quieter, wire easily and save energy - all with no pneumatics

Alexander Gigerl  

Vincent Lebret

Sales Manager at 


Technical Sales Engineer at ITOH DENKI EUROPE

Webinar Speakers

Stuart Allan

Mr. Tatsuya (Ted) Akashi 

General Manager at ITOH DENKI EUROPE

M. MATSUI, Shingakusha Co.

Case Study

In just 3 days we removed old equipment, installed id-PAC and restarted production

Shingakusha Co. Ltd., a Japanese publisher with a long trading history,  ships educational materials nationwide. 

The company had problems regarding the automation of their large shipping operations, with critical mistakes made during key processes.

They also needed to scale up the number of boxes shipped to accommodate the company's growth strategy.

With an increased diversity of box formats and weight as well as a growth in volume, the company needed to find a quick solution so their sorting process would not be overwhelmed.

Prior to working with Itoh Denki, Shingakusha Co. Ltd. was relying on sorting 25,000 daily shipments manually. 

The process was not only labour-intensive, it also opened the door to mistakes.

They were also facing issues identifying orders whenever they received a cancellation

The situation needed to be remedied, and the project gained momentum when Mr Tamotsu Matsui from Shingakusha Co. Ltd. visited Itoh Denki's stand during a large exhibition and saw a demonstration of our innovative id-PAC solution.

A proponent of building light, thin, short and small, Mr Matsui was very interested in the compactness of the system.

The modularity of id-PAC was also a key selling point: the system could be reconfigured during periods of peak production, with sorting lines added as necessary.

The Point-And Click system was another selling point: id-PAC comes equipped with a visual software program that allows customers to modify their system by picking modules from a library, arranging and connecting them on a screen.

No more development needed: Itoh Denki software comes equipped with a library of elements and parameters.

But Shingakusha Co. Ltd. had one final major problem: the company needed rapid installation, with minimal interruption to the production and shipping process.

The decision was made to proceed with the installation over a 3-day weekend.

Itoh Denki made detailed preparations, including repeatedly testing the layout with real modules and making sure the whole installation could be done in the required time.

Everything worked out smoothly. 

It took only 3 days to remove old equipment, install, test and adjust the new system.

The new system has 4 shipping lines connected to the main idPAC conveyor via NX75 FRATs. Product tracking and sorting is achieved by incorporating barcode readers into the solution

Cases go through the sorting module and are then directed to the 6 loading lines, where trucks are waiting.

One line is specifically reserved for storing cancelled items and damaged barcodes.

The sorting module automatically sorts cases to corresponding lines, entirely eliminating errors due to manual work.

Cancelled items are easily picked out and rerouted to the storing line, regardless of where they are in the sorting process.

The new system has provided many improvements to Shingakusha Co. Ltd.:

  • Direct loading into trucks by connecting a conveyor belt
  • Swing conveyor module allows for circulation of forklifts through the facility, without cases colliding thanks to the Zero Pressure Accumulation feature
  • The installation of 24V DC Power Moller equipment has reduced labour shortages and noise issues
  • Reduction in the reliance on labour, a common issue in many countries facing labour shortages.

In the future, the company plans to use id-PAD to start improving their upstream operations including picking and packing, with the goal of improving the overall shipment capability of their centre.

The company is already thinking about installing Itoh Denki's systems in some of their other production centres, preparing them for the rapid changes that the publishing industry is facing in Japan.


They trust Itoh Denki


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Your intralogistic is a cornerstone of your success.

Why choose between top performance, high quality and fast ROI ?

The 24Vdc POWER MOLLER is the core element of our technologies, allowing the design of advanced conveying and sortation systems .

Simple design and hardware allowing the smallest footprint for optimal results.

Low cost of installation, no maintenance and the flexibility to correctly scale and adapt your system are all adding up to guarantee you a fast ROI

Constantly developed and improved to bring your intralogistics to the highest level of efficiency, flexibility and compactness.

 For the last 70 years, ITOH DENKI has been the leader in designing and manufacturing motorized rollers and automated systems for manufacturing, eCommerce and 3PL.


A flexible and intelligent solution
to optimize
your conveyor lines

Time and cost optimisation through increased operational efficiency and flexibility.

  • Easy to set up
    • Point-and-click software: conveyor layout is completed just by selecting and lining-up icons.
    • Plug-and-play modules arrive pre-assembled with all necessary components. 
      Pre-programmed control boards are already tested and ready to be connected.
    • Drastically reduce installation and commissioning time (as little as 3 days from installation to operation)
  • Easy to run and operate 
    • Pre-programmed software: each module has embedded control, thus requiring no additional engineering
  • Easy to change 
    • Modify your conveyor layout in no time to support your activity in real time.
  • Easy to maintain
    • Predictive maintenance via self-diagnosis function made by the system, minimising downtime.

Launch fast, modify later.
Start small
, expand later.

High performance
Flat-Right Angle Transfer F-RAT

Our flat-right angle transfer module uses a mechanism designed without pop-up movement, to eliminate shocks and vibrations entirely.

  • Reduces damages to sensitive loads.
  • Transfer loads of various sizes and types, from plastic envelopes to large boxes up to 50kg.
  • Extra compact transfer module, with over 15 standard sizes for an easy integration in all conveyor frames.
  • Designed to facilitate a CE compliant conveyor installation, ensuring user safety.
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the quick replacement of key components with wheel caster cassettes, rollers and belts. 

MDR, the master cell for material handling

With external or internal control board, our intelligent and high quality Power Mollers are allowing the design of highly efficient conveyor applications.

  • Zero Pressure Accumulation (6,000 cases/h)
    • Safe transfer, prevents collisions.
  • Save on energy bills with Run-on-demand operation
    • Save up to 60% in power consumption using Run-on-demand mode, which drives motors only when needed.
  • High-density transfer control
    • Increase sorting throughput by closing gaps - high density accumulation control.
    • Increase throughput by auto gapping
  • Batch forming, diverting and alignment control
    • Batch forming and diverting while conveying, to achieve highly efficient sorting
    • Alignment control to eliminate product jams
  • Thermal protection
    • Built-in thermal protection to prevent motors from burning out.

Setting up your system is as easy
as Point and Click


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